Frequently Asked Questions
           Welcome to our new FAQ area!

We will add more to this area as time goes on. Let us know if you have any
questions that are not answered here.

1. General
A. Can I purchase or custom order a car for use in Japan? Yes, no problem.
Please use the request form in the "Services" or "Contact Us" section and let us
know exactly what you want and we will get back to you with details and a quote

B. I live outside Japan and want to order a car. How do I do this? Please
complete the request form in the "Services" or "Contact Us" section and we will get
back to you. However, most cars sold in Japan are RHD (right hand drive) models
and may not be allowed into your country due to various restrictions or cost
prohibitive due to high taxes. So please check first about this. Other left hand drive
(LHD) models are sold here in Japan but may not be allowed into your country. So,
please check with your country’s Customs office and Vehicle Registration office

C. Do your cars have any warranty? Only newer Japan models less than 3 years
old have a manufacturers’ warranty if the car is registered and used in Japan.
Once a Japan model is shipped overseas the local warranty is void. Some
countries have third party insurers who will provide you a limited warranty for a
reasonable fee. Aside from that all our pre-owned cars are carefully inspected and
test driven but are then sold on an “as is” basis.

2. Payment & Deposits
A. How much deposit is needed to secure a car? For any stock list purchases,
we normally require a deposit of US $500 or JP Yen equivalent. Balance of
payment is made then via wire bank transfer to one of our accounts or is paid in
cash upon delivery.
For any local or overseas buyers ordering a car, a deposit of $1000 or JP Yen
equivalent (or more) is required.

B. How can I pay for my car purchase or for vehicle shipping? First a deposit is
required via bank transfer or Pay Pal. After that, we either accept cash payment or
wire bank transfer to one of our accounts. We DO NOT accept credit cards or L/C,
a letter of credit or personal checks. Local customers usually obtain a personal or
car loan from their local bank.

C. What are your payment terms? For local buyers full payment is required upon
delivery or via wire bank transfer prior to delivery. For overseas buyers we require
full payment as listed on our invoice prior to shipping.

3. Exporting & Shipping
A. Are you licensed exporters? Yes we are. We work directly with large
Japanese freight forwarding & customs brokerage companies. We also have
business agreements with large Japan transport services for within Japan.

B. What are your shipping charges? For all shipping charges, price depends
upon vehicle size and point A & B, that is where it is collected from and delivered
to. Costs for shipping overseas include inland transport, freight forwarder fees,
customs’ fees, radiation level check at the port & the actual shipping charges with
added fuel surcharges. With the high cost of oil & fuel prices change regularly. So
please contact us for the latest shipping charges to the port and country to which
you wish to ship to.

C. Are vehicles insured before international shipping? Yes we automatically
insure your vehicle for the full value of the car with the shipping costs. This is a
standard marine insurance policy for theft or complete loss of vehicle.

D. What documents will you provide after a car is shipped? After your car is
shipped we will provide these main documents via EMS international express post:
* Export Certificate (Car Title) & Full English Translation with our certification
* Bill of Lading Originals from Shipping company (required for import process)
* Receipt of Payment & Invoices (if car purchased from us or for shipping services)
* Marine Insurance Originals

4. Importing a Vehicle to Japan
A. Does your company import vehicles to Japan from other countries? No, we
are sorry, but we do not import vehicles at this time.

B. What are the costs involved with importing a vehicle into Japan? First
would be the shipping fee from the other country to Japan, along with a Japanese
freight forwarder-customs broker fee. Depending on your situation you may also
be required to pay import duty on your car. If you are a foreigner most likely you
would need the assistance of a company to have your car engine tested and then
have any required modifications made to meet Japan specs and be approved.
These modifications are usually not so expensive, but the engine emission test is
about 200,000 yen. Once you car is approved, then you have to go to the Land
Transportation Office to have the whole vehicle tested as any other vehicle and
pay all the fees and taxes like vehicle weight tax, road tax, recycle tax, Japanese
mandatory car insurance for 37-38 months (jibiseki), etc. So, for example, to have
a car brought over from the USA, your total estimated costs may be about
$5000-$6000 depending on the make and model. For US military personnel, the
costs would be less.
Contact your local US Base Vehicle Registration Office for details.
Following is the English web site for Japan Customs: http://www.customs.go.
Following is the Japan Government English web site for vehicle inspection and

5. US Spec Models/ Shipping to the USA
A. Can I take my Japan spec right hand drive (RHD) model back to the USA?
Unfortunately, Japan spec models do not comply with USA Department of
Transport or EPA regulations. So to bring a Japan model to the USA you have to
make contact with a US Government approved Registered Importer (RI) who is
authorized to make all necessary modifications. This work can only be done in the
USA. Modification costs are quite high and time factor is usually long due to the
amount of work required. Bottom line: it is not worth it! See next point B.

B. Can I take a 25 year old Japan spec (RHD) model back to the USA?
Yes, you can! Any vehicle whether a RHD Japan model or a LHD Euro spec model
cab be brought into the USA for personal use as they are exempt from US Dept of
Transport and US EPA import regulations. If you already have a model you want to
ship, contact us and we can assist with the shipping. If you want us to source and
buy a model for you and then ship it, we can also do that.  

C. Does a USA Registered Importer also modify a Japanese RHD car to make it
a left hand drive?
No. They stay as RHD.  

D. How do I contact a USA Registered Importer to find out the exact cost of
modifying my car to comply with US regulations?
The US Government has a list on the following web site.
US Government Vehicle Import Info
You should contact the one nearest where you will be going.

E. Can I take my Euro Spec left hand drive (LHD) BMW or Mercedes Benz
model to the USA?
As explained in answer one, these models also do not comply with USA regulations
and must be modified by an authorized RI. Costs are similarly expensive. We sell
genuine USA spec Benz & BMW models. Check out our current stock list to see
what we now have or contact us for more details. Or, a model must be over 25
years old and then is exempt from import restrictions.

F. What would happen if I find someone to ship my Japan spec or Euro spec
car to the USA anyway without going through a Registered Importer?
Most likely your vehicle will be impounded by US Customs and you will be given
three options? These are: a. Have the car dismantled or destroyed within a certain
time frame, b. Have the car shipped out to another country, c. Make an agreement
with an authorized RI to modify the car to USA standards.

G. Is it worth the time and money to have my Nissan Skyline GT-R modified
back in the USA?  
The going cost to modify an older 1996- 1997 Skyline R33 model is about $25,000
in the USA and we can ship it for you to the USA for $3000. Only select Skyline
GT-R models are approved for importation and modification into the USA. Contact
us for more details.