Our primary services include the following…

JAPAN VEHICLE SALES service to the foreign business community,
the American military & DOD personnel in Japan and for the local
Japanese market.

A. STOCK- Vehicles can be bought from STOCK when available.

B. BUY DIRECT- A local customer can custom order a vehicle using our  
"BUY DIRECT" auction service in which you place a order for a specific
make and model of car with certain color choices. Please use the form
below and let us know what kind of car you are looking for. Please list
year, make and model. We will get back with you ASAP and let you know
if we can source the car you want and also give you a price estimate
depending on the specs of the vehicle. An advance deposit is required for
"BUY DIRECT" auction purchases.

C. SELL DIRECT- We also offer a “SELL DIRECT” auction consignment
sales service in which we will undertake to sell your vehicle at a local
auction to obtain the best sales price we can. In most cases this can help
make you more money than doing a normal trade in, or we can also offer
you our best cash price for your vehicle. Normally we are not able to
accept any military
"Y" or "E" plate vehicles, but please contact us anyway.

2. EXPORT VEHICLE SALES service for all overseas buyers. Vehicles
are custom ordered according to the particular requirements of each
buyer. An advance deposit is required.  Please contact us for more
details. At this time we only sell direct to end users, not trade buyers.

3. VEHICLE SHIPPING SERVICE- We are experienced vehicle shippers
worldwide whether for the US military or DOD staff who want to ship their
vehicle within Japan, back home or to another country of their transfer; or
for any "EXPAT" foreign residents who want to ship their car either back
to the to the UK, or to Australia or New Zealand or other countries. Our
service is prompt, reliable and inexpensive. Please contact us for more
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