Letter of Thanks & Recommendation from Richard V. Garza & wife Linda, who bought two
vehicles from us. Richard was the former director of NEX (The Navy Exchange) and various
operations in Japan and the Far East for many years.

"Dear Mike and Kumiko,

It's been over five months since we left Japan and are finally settled in our new home.  It's
unbelievable what one can accumulate after nine years in Japan.  

Thanks to you both, we are enjoying two beautiful cars we purchased from you.  What is even
better, we have no monthly car payments to worry about.  My wife and I fight over who will drive
the 95 Mercedes-Benz C280 Sports Sedan and the 95 BMW 318i Coupe Convertible.  (Both
cars shown at right.) Many people ask us if the cars are new because they are in such
immaculate condition with no scratches and low mileage.  It would be impossible to find the
same cars in the states in this excellent condition. The prices are much higher here, so you
saved us thousands of dollars.

We didn't know the first thing about shipping a vehicle from Japan to the states, but you took
care of everything.  You found us two cars that had all the US specification stickers on them so
we had no problem bringing them through US Customs.  You arranged delivery to the
Yokohama Port, shipping, freight, Insurance, custom forms, translation of titles and Vehicle
History Reports.  Much of the credit for all the paperwork goes to your wife, Kumiko.  We would
have never been able to register the cars in Virginia without the translation of the titles.

Thanks to Angel Motor's professionalism and great service in satisfying their customers, we
highly recommend them to everyone.  They give that little extra personal service that sets them
apart from other companies.   Keep up the good work!"

Richard & Linda Garza       

From Anthony Bowers, Navy Officer now at Yokosuka Naval Base  After receiving his Jeep
Grand Cherokee LTD.):

"Mike, just wanted to let you know that we finally made it here (Hawaii) and we got the vehicle
and everything is great. Hopefully you are selling a few more vehicles to the guys on the ship. I
believe that I might need to get at least one more from you. He later bought a US BMW 318i for
his wife at right). Looked at your changes on your site and it looks really nice. Thanks for
everything and I look forward to working with you in the future." -Tony

Letter from Kyle Saito- formerly Navy dentist at Yokosuka Medical Center regarding a 1995
Mercedes Benz E420 bought from us:
Mike and Kumiko,

I just wanted to THANK YOU for the great car that I purchased from you in the spring of 2005.  I
had no problems picking up the car and getting the car registered.  I can't believe how clean the
car looks compared to the same models that are used state side.  I have two residents that have
newer model Mercedes yet they can't believe how well my car was maintained in Japan.  I have
not had any problems with the car.  I love the E420!!!  Thanks Mike!

I am hoping to get stationed again in Japan someday and leave my current E420 with my folks.  
Thanks again for your help and keep an eye out for another Mercedes when I get back. (E420 at
the right.)

LCDR K. Saito
Endodontic Department
National Naval Medical Center
Bethesda, Maryland

Letter from Kevin & Natalia Cuevas (Yokosuka) after buying their Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd-
Orvis Edition from us in May 2005:


Now that we've had a chance to break in our 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee ORVIS,  I just wanted
to let you know how truly pleased we are. This Limited Jeep is everything you claimed and more,
with the low mileage, excellent condition, and price that couldn't be beat. This really is the
perfect family vehicle and we dream of someday touring Europe with it. Nataly and I are
constantly getting compliments on our ORVIS Edition and we make sure to tell everyone where
we got it. Thanks to your professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile, you have ensured
this was the best car buying experience I've ever had. If you have an Angel Motors dealership
sticker send it to me and I will gladly slap it on. Thank you for everything, we are definitely
satisfied customers. (Car shown at the right.)


Kevin & Natalia Cuevas
Formerly at Yokosuka Navy Base

From Mark W. -British Rail Employee, UK-(Actual comments after first receiving photos from
us, and then after receiving his car( red Mitsubishi twin turbo GTO at the right) in the UK)

"Mike, That model is PERFECT! I'm really pleased. It is better than I could have ever
imagined...She looks fantastic! Thank you so very much! Can't wait to get behind the wheel.."
"I want to let you know how very pleased I am with car, it's fantastic! Everything I hoped and
wished for. I can't say enough how grateful I am for your efforts in securing this vehicle for me
and your help and advice with the whole import process. It's been a thoroughly enjoyable
experience and the end product was well worth the wait. This car is such an eye catcher,
everybody looks at it" (Car shown at the right.)

From Hendrik M., Quality Manager in Dublin, Ireland

"I have been driving around with the Estima (1996 Emina 4WD model) you supplied and I am
very happy with it, exactly the vehicle you said it was. Yesterday, it passed the (Ireland) National
Car Test with flying colors. The guy even handed over the certificate 'perfect vehicle'. A certainly
would like to do business with you again in the future."

From Justin, Regular British Trade Buyer: (After 1 year of doing business):
"Hello Mike.
Hope you are good. I was reading your testimonials and you can put me there as I find you
provide an excellent professional service as I have said before. All the best!"

From Paul Sumner, UK Postal Executive & Webmaster of "The UK Toyota Estima" web site.
For a reference, please contact Paul or visit his Estima site at:

Actual comments from Paul after receiving his 1995 Toyota Estima Emina (photo at right): "Well
I've actually got my Estima parked on our drive, and we are all very pleased with it to say the
least. I'm actually creating a few new pages for my site, which will detail all I've done to get the
car home, etc., and part of that will be the information you so kindly provided. Within these new
pages you and your company will be warmly recommended. Thank you for providing us with an
excellent vehicle."

From Paul & Tammy Becket of North Lincolnshire- (after receiving their 1996 Toyota Estima
Lucida 4WD G model)-
"Hi Mike- We have now got our car on the drive and we are very pleased with it to say the least. I
would like to say a very big thank you to you. It is all we hoped it would be. We are just getting it
registered and on the road Friday all being well. The photos did not do it justice. It is a very nice
color in very good condition and drives very well...Once again thanks for getting us a very nice
car." (Their vehicle is pictured at the right.)

From Tej Kalirai- UK Teacher at large Secondary School. Tej's comments are listed below
after receiving his Subaru WRX.
"Just to let you know I picked up the car today and it was all you said it
was and more. Thank you very, very much I am over the moon with the quality and the whole
package, once again thanks." (Car shown at right.)

Actual Comments from "C.S.", BBC Film Director, after receiving his Nissan Figaro:
"Hello Mike! Just wanted to thank you for all your help. The car arrived safely and all the
paperwork went through smoothly. My girlfriend has fallen in love with it so I'm still waiting for my
chance to drive the thing! I'll get in touch soon regarding another Figaro as I can see I'm not
going to get this one back. Thanks again."
Our customer Trudy with her 2001 BMW Z3
(custom order) she took to Europe.
These are only a small sampling of genuine e-mails we've had from our
customers. Photos of some of the cars they have bought are shown at right